Club Policies


  1. Safety
  2. The Club will adhere to all SafeSport, USA Water Polo, Pennsylvania, and North Allegheny School District policies that inform safe conduct for youth sports.
  3. Physical exercise will not be used as punishment.
  4. Practice will not start before 5:15 am.
  5. No athlete will be denied any medically necessary stretching/PT time on the deck during practice sessions.
  6. The Head Coach will secure coverage for all practices that he/she may be late to or not be able to attend. 
  7. Communication
  8. Athletes or their parents should communicate any scheduling conflicts with the coaches. 
  9. Parents must be copied on all communications between coaches and athletes.
  10. Locker Rooms
  11. 10U/12U will be permitted to use locker rooms only under parental supervision.
  12. 14U will not be permitted to use locker rooms except for the toilet during practice.  Designated parent volunteers will allow players to use locker rooms two at a time at tournaments.
  13. 16U/18U will be permitted to use locker rooms during practice and at tournaments.
  14. Code of Conduct
  15. All 14U, 16U, and 18U members must sign a Code of Conduct at the beginning of each club year and before participating in any practices or games with the team.
  16. Travel
  17. All travel arrangements must be made by parents or coordinated between families.  
  18. The Club does not provide chaperones.
  19. The Club does not act as a clearing house for fundraising for food, travel, lodging, gas, etc. for players and/or parents for tournaments.
  20. Coaches are responsible for players on the pool deck, and parents are responsible for their players at all other times while at tournaments.  We ask that parents allow the coaches to focus on the team and players during the tournament.
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